Pre-Holiday Haul

While out searching for a much needed casual but useful jacket for my upcoming trip to Denver a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon some GREAT deals for myself as well as several gift items. So, as promised in my last's the list of my little pre-holiday haul!

  • Mini cross body bags in mint and black: $4 a piece at Wet Seal. Okay, I have to be honest for a second. I don't ever buy clothing from this store, as nothing ever fits me properly...but they often have awesome clearance sales on their costume jewelry and other accessories! I bought two of each color bag, because I knew they would be perfect as gifts ;).

  • Earring sets in various styles and colors: $2-$3 a pair at Wet Seal. Seriously. So cheap! I probably cleared out most of their jewelry wall...couldn't help myself.

  • Pair of studded flats in mint: $4 at Wet Seal. Insanely good deal. Super cute and edgy! (Alright, so I bought these for myself...)

  • Assorted undies: $0.70 a pair at H&M. Yes, you read that correctly. Normally sold for $6.95 per, I scored 10 adorable pairs for less than $10, thanks to the crazy sales they had going on. As a side note, I'd like to say that these are surprisingly decent quality, compared to similarly priced undergarments at places like Forever 21 or Target. Best. Deal Ever.

  • Assorted bras: $5-$7 a piece at H&M. Needless to say, they had a massive sale on intimate apparel that day, and I'm a sucker for a cute top and bottom matching set. While it seems a little unfair to grand total for 5 bras and 10 pairs of underwear cost me less than a single bra would have cost me at Victoria's Secret. Now don't get me wrong, as there is an obvious difference between the two in terms of lasting quality...but as much as I love me some VS, being an average girl in her 20's means it's not always easy to shell out $40+ every time I feel the need to add to my collection.
By the end of my shopping trip, I had managed to obtain some gifts, bare necessities, and the jacket I was hoping to find: a faux leather bomber-style number, with faux fur lining and detachable hood from Forever 21.


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