Waiting For The Right Moment

It's embarrassing sometimes, the amount of clothing I have in my wardrobe that I have yet to find the opportunity to wear...and still, I find myself thinking the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" all too often.

Luckily though, I occasionally work through this problem. Earlier this year, I found a reason to wear an amazing dress I purchased while working at a private apparel design label. I bought the sample because of the lovely cutout shoulder detailing, but without any idea of how or when I'd wear it.

I ended up wearing it for the very first time to a RAW Artists Houston event, along with a pair of Unisa wedges, feather earrings, my favorite pair of shades, and a nude clutch with interesting detailing that complimented the shoulder details of the dress, as well as the cutout straps on the shoes :)

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  1. Love this post! Would love if we could follow each other?


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  2. Thanks Teresa! Of course, I'd love to follow you :)

  3. Thanks, Erica! I love a good neutral pallet. Sometimes less is more!




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